This site is a resource to help others on Newsela.  The main way we do this is by sharing answers for tests, articles, and quizzes with each other.

So far we have over 78 cheat sheets for all of the tests, many quizzes, and a good amount of the articles.  Answer keys for articles are the most difficult to keep up to date because they are released very often.

How to Submit and Access Answers for Newsela

In order to keep adding new answers we need your help.  In order to access all of the cheat sheets you first need to submit answers to an article, quiz, or test.  After which you will have access to the entire database of answer keys.

If you don’t want to submit answers or are too lazy you can instead fill out a kind of captcha.  This is put in place to encourage people to submit more answers!

The answers are sorted by many different levels

  • Science
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  • Technology
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These articles can be very interesting and feature very helpful information.  At the end of each article you will have to take a short quiz to see how much you learned.   The resource here called can help you find all the answers you need for the quizzes.

Newsela was first founded in 2012 and has grown faster than any educational startup.  The founder, Mathew Gross, had a passion for education and wanted a way to make a company that helped children learn.  One of the truly innovative things about his idea was the way it let teachers monitor their student’s progress.  On other sites like IXL or Study Island students didn’t have as much an interest, so their progress was limited.

Cheats for Newsela

In addition to our answers there are some other things you to improve your completion time of Newsela: